Thursday, June 28, 2012

Op-social: 8 more tools for using social media to express your opinion

Back in April, I blogged about The socialized op-ed: 4 new options for opinion pieces. But that's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning about all the new ways you can publish, track, participate in or learn about opinion articles and op-eds using social tools. Here are 8 more socialized opinion resources for communicators, along with some online and offline guides that should be in your toolkit:
  1. Want to argue back? There's an app for that: Rebutr, a new app that's attracted funding from key sources like the Knight News Challenge, can help you find counter-arguments to news you're reading. The crowdsourced resource will get more robust with more users and contributions. Poynter offers this review of Rebutr.
  2. Hangout with the opinionated: No slouch in innovation, the New York Times is using the relatively new Google+ Hangout On Air--a live-broadcast version of Google+ Hangouts--for what it calls "opinionated video Hangouts" with reporters or editors and newsmakers holding court on moderated discussions you can watch or get in on. That second link also describes other ways the Times is using Hangouts for opinionated discussion.
  3. Stay on top of opinions with Google News: If you haven't checked out the Google News "see realtime news" feature for your topics, you're missing a great way to keep tabs on opinion articles as they appear. It's one of the updates to Google NewsClick on "see realtime news" for any story, and you can scroll down to see such categories as "realtime," "in-depth," local indicators and "opinion," where you'll handily find all the current opinion pieces on that story.
  4. Should you express your opinion socially? If you're fired up by what you hear on talk radio and see online, Seth Godin's "Is Everyone Entitled to Their Opinion?" might just talk you out of sharing your thoughts, particularly if you run a business. A smart double-check from one of social media's big thinkers.
  5. Did you ever really learn opinion writing? If not, not even social media can help you. Turn to an update of a classic text, Opinion Writing 2nd Edition, and get schooled before you turn social with those opinions.
  6. Some comments are better than others: You knew that, but now, Gawker has tweaked its technology to favor conversational comments, rather than simply list them in time and date order. Learn about this new approach, and which opinions get moved up and highlighted.
  7. Not sure your opinion will carry the day? Social media can't erase this basic fact about op-eds and letters to the editor: If you're not willing to express an opinion firmly, you won't succeed. Consult    Writing Opinion for Impact to get more oomph into your op-ed.
  8. Want an ongoing Facebook tutorial on opinion writing? Become a fan of Margot Friedman's Op-Ed Talk. It's designed for progressive nonprofits and causes, but the lessons are smart reminders for anyone wanting to express and place an opinion. With real-life case studies pulled from the opinion pages, smart reminders and style tips you don't want to miss, this is well worth your "like."

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