Friday, May 11, 2012

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter, jobs & a workshop

Feel as if your way to the weekend is being blocked? Don't worry, I have a workaround in the weekend read, a way to ease into the weekend with the best finds I made and shared this week on Twitter. Here, I'll hold the gate open for you so you can sneak into the weekend a little bit early:
I had a great time presenting to the Public Affairs Network of NCI-funded cancer centers this week in Portland, Oregon, and you can see my session notes for participants on ways to make blogging easier. Here's one reaction:

More seats were taken this week in my June 19 workshop, Be an Expert on Working with Experts -- and you'll find some fellow feeling in the questions and challenges reported by participants about the experts they work with. The early registration discount runs out two weeks from today, if there are seats left by then. Don't delay on that--or on getting your weekend started. As usual, thanks for being here.

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