Thursday, April 19, 2012

Where to catch me: With the University of Oregon Women in Graduate Science

This weekend, I'll be speaking and working with the University of Oregon Women in Graduate Science for two sessions, including:
  • A lecture on "The Eloquent Woman: Issues for Women in Public Speaking" on Friday, April 20th, with a reception following, and 
  • A daylong workshop on "Communicating Science: Skills for Scientists to Reach Public Audiences" on Saturday, April 21st. Spaces for this workshop are limited and pre-registration is needed.
Details on both sessions are at the link above. I'm excited to have the chance to discuss two specialized topics that are both relevant to this group of motivated young women in science, and I'm eager to hear their experiences in public speaking and outreach to non-technical public audiences.

If you're surprised that a group of graduate students is hiring me to train them in communicating science to the public, it's time to catch up. I'm seeing more interest from groups of science graduate students in seeking the funding and help to learn smart communications skills, so don't count out these early career communicators. I'm grateful to Jim Barlow, director of science and research communications at the University of Oregon, for pointing this group my way, and to Sarah Brady, synthetic polymer inorganic chemist and seminar chair for the UO Women in Graduate Science, who has organized these events with a thoughtfulness and enthusiasm that makes me eager to get to Eugene today.

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