Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Social goldmine: NTEN's crowdsourced conference notes

NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference took place last week, and the conference set up a fantastic resource that's a social media goldmine for you. A series of Google Docs were created and participants were encouraged to share their notes in a great collaboration.

You'll find a spreadsheet to track the sessions and notes here, which includes links to the collective notes, indicators for sessions without notes, and an "all notes" document, along with instructions for saving all the notes into Evernote. Note-takers covered major points, juicy quotes and lists of resources, so this array of notes represents one of the most useful tools I've seen come out of a professional conference. Don't be stopped by the nonprofit label: They're useful for nonprofits, companies, entrepreneurs and more, and cover technical topics as well as content development, social tools, IT governance, community management and more.

Why don't we have more of this? That's what I'll be asking the conferences I attend. Enjoy this flood of smart resources on technology and social media. (Hat tip to Zan McColloch-Lussier for the pointer to this great resource, and kudos to the NTEN organizers.)

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Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this Denise! We're so happy to see that the collaborative notes are being shared as a resource after the conference. It's our intention to spread the knowledge gained at the event far and wide.

It also makes us happy to hear that you'll be pushing for this at more conferences. Why take notes alone?!