Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Data and dashboards to help you reconsider how you use Pinterest

So many marketers dismissed Pinterest as a hobbyist site, dominated by women--some estimates said as many as 90 percent of the users were women--that many male marketers I know don't give it a second thought, or just aren't sure how to use it for business. But it's time to take a fresh look at Pinterest, now that it sits behind only Twitter and Facebook in terms of traffic. That, in turn, makes it a powerful driver of traffic to your blog, social presence or website. (And current estimates put the proportion of female users at about 60 percent, by the way.)  Here's what's been happening that might change your use of Pinterest:

More business uses

You'll find a surprising array of business uses, and some creative reinterpreting of what pinned items can be to a business. Here are some examples:
Yup, those are boards that only women would follow, I'm sure. You can find more ideas in my post on 17 things you can pin on Pinterest that are not pillows or dresses, and I collect more examples like these on the board Great ways to use Pinterest, which is frequently updated with new examples of business uses, along with data and tips for using Pinterest.

3 new tools for managing your Pinterest presence

As Pinterest matures as a social network, tools and apps are being developed to help you better manage your presence. Here are a few to check out:
  • Repinly will give you a better look at what and who is popular on Pinterest. Prepare to be astonished at the users with millions of followers. You can use Repinly as a directory to find popular users in your subject category, see pinned items that are trending (with the data behind them), and what topics are popular on the very useful statistics page.
  • Pinerly, still in limited beta, promises ways to schedule your pins, plus additional analytics. Mashable walks you through the service here. I'm working my way into the beta, which cleverly asks that your friends sign up to get you further into the service, so please use this link to sign up....I promise to report back on what's inside the beta once I make it in.
  • This infographic from Dan Zarrella uses analysis of Pinterest photos to help you get pinned and repinned, using factors like amount of text and height of photos to guide you.
What are you using Pinterest for? Share your approaches in the comments.

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