Thursday, April 26, 2012

Communicators: Gain expertise on experts on June 19

When you work with subject-matter experts--scientists, policy wonks or other smart folks--to get them to communicate clearly in public settings, how does it go? Do they blow off media interviews you've worked hard to set up? Or do they agree to training opportunities, then blow them up? Maybe they've got a high-level fear of failure that keeps them quiet when opportunities come around. No matter what, you know something's gone wrong...but what to do about it?

After a career of working with smart folks, scientists and experts, I've developed the workshop I wish I'd had much earlier--and it works well whether you're a newbie communicator or a seasoned pro. Be an Expert on Working with Experts returns on Tuesday, June 19, 2012, here in Washington, DC. Register for this unusual professional development opportunity and learn about:
  • Your experts' default communications style and why you're asking them to do the exact opposite of what they've learned, as well as how to bridge the gap;
  • Handling introverts, extroverts and egos, and how each one responds differently to your coaching;
  • Why they don't need to "dumb down" their expertise, and how to handle this and other common objections they raise to communicating with non-technical audiences;
  • Handling hands-on feedback to smart people, pushback and Q&A when you're training experts. Find out what they don't know--but won't tell you--and how to fix that. 
Early registration is recommended--this workshop has had a growing waiting list, and registrations are already coming in. 

Many participants in this workshop come with a work partner or team, which helps them to continue reinforcing the learning on their own. But even if you register on your own, you'll come away with tactics and resources you can use again and again with experts of every type. Due to the specialized nature of the workshop, attendees learn from one another as well as from me--we wind up having insightful conversations based on what's really happening in your communications efforts today. The workshop is a small-group session to allow plenty of time for hands-on exercises, discussion and your particular questions, and you'll get plenty of takeaway materials for ongoing reference.

Register now at the early registration rate of $300 per person. (If you're on don't get caught on Facebook, you can register at this link.) After May 25, registration will be $350, and all registration closes on June 10. You'll get continental breakfast and lunch at the workshop, which is conveniently located right next to the Red Line Metro Center stop in downtown Washington, DC, close to Amtrak trains and with convenient nearby parking. Sign up today! I'm looking forward to sharing insights with you at this special--and specialized--professional development opportunity.

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