Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Where to catch me, & a workshop waitlist

Spring has me working on both coasts this year, with a nice mix of workshops, lectures and private training sessions for individual clients. Here are some of the places you can catch me in the coming weeks:
  • New York: This week, I'm in New York to facilitate two media interview skills workshops for researchers at the Rockefeller University, and giving a general seminar titled "Can you explain it to your grandmother? The impact of clear communication skills on your research." I'm coaching an individual client, too.
  • Eugene, Oregon: In April, I'll be conducting a workshop in communicating with non-technical audiences for the University of Oregon Women in Graduate Science and delivering a lecture on women and public speaking to the same group.
  • Portland, Oregon: In May, I'll be speaking on "The Care and Feeding of Your Blog" to the annual meeting of the National Cancer Institute Public Affairs and Marketing Network, an audience of communicators from cancer centers and institutes.
I'm setting up lots of group and individual trainings for the spring and summer in public speaking skills, communicating science to public audiences, media interview skills and more. If you're looking for a speaker or a training session, check out my pages on speaking engagements and on training for communicators and training for experts, executives and scientists for more information.

Waitlist for next "Be an Expert on Working with Experts" workshop

I'm working on scheduling another "Be an Expert on Working with Experts" workshop in May or June this year in Washington, DC. While I work out the logistics, I've formed a waitlist to keep track of interested participants. You don't need to register now, but please do go to this link to sign up. After you enter your email, you can sign up for the waitlist, as well as other choices for information on workshops, ebooks, and my free monthly newsletter, Speakers & Communicators.

Signing up for the waitlist doesn't involve registering at this point, but it will help me with scheduling and planning--so please put your name on the list if you're interested. I'd be delighted if you shared this information with your colleagues, too.

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