Friday, March 09, 2012

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

Safety vests on, people: It's the weekend, and you want to float there, not have to swim all the way. I've had lots of good ideas, reads and resources wash up in my Twitterstream this week, and these are the ones I'm taking to that desert island with me:
  • Putting store contents on the map: The great Google Maps Mania blog looks at a mashup of map and store photos from Uniqlo--you don't just get a store location, you get fashion looks and more. It's nearly a website on a map. How could you use this?
  • I keep telling you: And now here's more data: Pinterest drives more traffic to blogs than Twitter.
  • Move over, AP: Alternative weeklies are working on a content exchange of their own. Think about how and where that belongs in your press list.
  • Inside the stream: A smart piece about Twitter's approach to advertisers, and, as my tipster says, its users as well.
  • Talk to me: The Guardian has a discussion going on between scientists and journos, and the latest is Nine ways scientists can help improve science journalism. Pass this on to a geek you love--it's a good start.
  • Pintastic:  Pin a Quote lets you do just that, converting text into a pinnable image you can share on Pinterest via its bookmarklet. I love this. 
  • How to make a great blog: I stumbled on Parla Food, Katie Parla's amazing blog about eating and living in Rome (and a few other places), just after it began three years ago. Now she's written a post about how she put that blog together. It's a good read. Fair warning: It doesn't pay to read her blog when you're hungry, but I now know I'll be eating supremely well in Rome from now on.
  • How to end a great blog: Restauranteur Bruce Buschel has been writing the "start-up chronicle" part of the New York Times's great "You're the Boss" small business blog (a team effort you could learn from). We readers have lived through the opening of one of his restaurants, the fire that devoured it just as its big season got underway, and all that followed. But now that it's not a start-up, the blog is done. Another good reminder that you can and should end blogs from time to time. I'll miss this in my feeds.
  • This week's most useful read: The new timeline format also lets you tier access by admins, and now a Facebook product manager weighs in on the 5 kinds of admins every Facebook page should have. This is one time technology will click with how your office functions. And even if you are all 5 admins, yourself, it's a smart discussion of the different tasks. (Yes, I see you out there, you one-armed paper hangers.)
I've set up some new lists where you can sign up to get information on things like upcoming workshops, ebooks I'm rolling out this year, individual speaker training, or customized workshops on-site at your location, along with my list for subscribers to the free monthly Speakers & Communicators newsletter. Among them is a waitlist for the next "Be an Expert on Working with Experts" workshop for communicators, which I'm working on for May or June. No obligation to sign up on the waitlist, but it will help me plan ahead. Go here to check out the new lists and get more information.

And as always, I'm so glad you're reading. Thanks for sticking with me, and enjoy your weekend.

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