Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Reporter shares what makes research news & how to get reporters' attention

Reuters Health Executive Editor Ivan Oransky gave this presentation on what makes research news and how to get reporters' attention this week at a conference for children's hospital executives, and I think it's so useful I've embedded it here for you--and not just because my advice to tip more and pitch less to reach reporters is cited. Of particular interest to communicators with health and medical stories will be the data that's packed in this presentation, from a look at health reporters' education levels to what studies show about news releases from academic health centers and the stories that are most covered.  Somewhere in here is ammo you can use when explaining health coverage to your management, experts and even your team, with a healthy dose of don'ts as well as to-do's. Dive in and enjoy--and if you don't already read them, keep Ivan's blogs Embargo Watch and Retraction Watch in your feeds.What makes research news?
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