Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Social media cre8ives x 3: Hashtags, Twitter handles, Pinterest boards

Every once in a while, as I monitor what's going on in social media, I come across ideas that at once strike me as smart and creative. Here are three that met that bar recently:
  1. The hashtaggable headline:Those New York Times reporters not calling you back? Might be because they're busy thinking up Twitter hashtags when they create the headline or title copy for articles. My question: Are you doing the same? I've been known to work a hashtag right into a headline for posts that my RSS feeder will push out to Twitter on the first go-round. A smart time-saver.
  2. "And now @hockeygod takes the ice...:" It's started in lacrosse: The Philadelphia Wings are the first North American professional sports team to use Twitter handles as the names on players' jerseys. This is so smart, it should have you rethinking everything from names stitched into physician labcoats to conference nametags and more. 
  3. The imaginary Pinterest: NPR Fresh Air associate producer Melody Kramer has started some Pinterest boards I'm predicting will catch on with others, by creating board with items that a famous artist, past or present, would have pinned if Degas had a Pinterest or if John Waters had a Pinterest. The celebrities need not be real people, either. There's the wry If Harriet the Spy Had a Pinterest board, for example. The possibilities are, well, endless. What will you create?

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