Monday, January 09, 2012

Extended discount for "Be an Expert on Working with Experts"

Due to a glitch in an email notification, I'm extending your chance to register at a discount for the upcoming February 1 "Be an Expert on Working With Experts" workshop. Now you have until the end of January 13 to pay just $300 for this all-day workshop, a discount of $50 from the regular registration fee.

If you work with experts who skip media interviews and public appearances, don't want to translate from the technical for public audiences or just aren't team players with your communications goals, find out why in this workshop--and what you can do about it. The session is designed to help communications, fundraising, public affairs, speechwriting and other pros. You'll learn about:
  • Experts' default communications styles and how to anticipate them;
  • Why what you're asking them to do is usually exactly the opposite of what they've been trained to do; and
  • Tactics, materials and approaches you can use again and again to better succeed in your work with scientists, experts and other smart folks you're representing.
You can attend this workshop on your own, or, as others have done, bring a team of people with you (a great tactic for ensuring a consistent approach and shared learning). You'll think differently about working with experts after this workshop, and get better results. Email me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz with any questions you have about the workshop--and register now!

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