Friday, December 09, 2011

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter, with favorites

Here's just the shot you need to get yourself to the weekend: My weekly share of articles, tips and reads I found on Twitter, where I'm @dontgetcaught. This week, we're starting to see lots of year-end compilations, more data reports and the usual mix of crazy stuff. At the end of the post, you'll find details on two workshops you should be attending in early 2012:
You heard it here, first, last week. Now the details on my two forthcoming workshops:
  • Your 5 best social media resolutions for 2012 is a lunch-and-learn session on January 10. For just $30, we'll feed you lunch, plus data on where audiences are headed, and give you tips and ideas to get more consistent, frequent and effective in your social posts. Registration closes January 4, so sign up now--seats are already filling for this session.
  • Be an Expert on Working with Experts, a one-day workshop, returns on February 1. Designed for communicators, fundraisers and others who work with policy wonks, scientists, or any subject-matter expert, this workshop will help you understand their default behaviors and communications styles, then work with them to achieve your goals when you ask them to speak or face non-technical audiences like reporters, donors, legislators, or just the folks in marketing. Some participants have come in teams to ensure they reinforce what they learn. You'll get lots of insight, tactics and materials you can use again and again when coaching experts or just convincing them to participate in public outreach. Registration for this session is $300 if you register by January 11, or $350 per person thereafter, and registration closes on January 25.
On the "experts" workshop, lots of communicators ask: Should I go, or should I send my more junior colleague? Based on my own experience, I peg this workshop at both levels, so that there's plenty for the experienced communicator to reflect on--and a good start for those just starting out. This workshop is full of the thing I wish someone had told me before AND during my long career getting experts to communicate with public audiences...

Please share these workshops with your colleagues and I hope I'll get to see you at one or both sessions. Now: Have a weekend! And thanks, as always, for reading.

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