Wednesday, December 21, 2011

4 great bite-size social media ideas & resources

I keep a great stash of social-media ideas and resources, and sometimes, the ideas are perfect packages, the right-size bite to get you started in a new direction or providing just the example you were looking for. Sample this quartet of video, blogging and tweeting ideas, straight from my stash:
  • Paging the next Julia. Or you: The great Food 52 blog always has fantastic videos. Its videographer divulges secrets on how to make your own cooking video by "shooting and editing cooking videos quickly and painlessly, with just one camera and a cheap mic." If you have anything to share on video that's step-by-step and involves demos, check and adapt these tips to your own project.
  • Think like your users: Photographing inside the Phillips is just the type of blog post you should be doing for your company or institution: It's got practical tips that a user would want to know, plus related information they might not know. In this case, it's about taking photos inside one of Washington, DC's best small museums, and how shutterbugs can compensate for the lack of flash--complete with photographic examples from the collection. Basic, but essential. Study this one closely.
  • Live-tweeting resources: Steve Buttry's doing it again, this time compiling great examples of live-tweeting in a series that includes examples from live-tweeting court proceedings, government meetings, and a breaking news story. Designed for reporters, they're also a must for communicators who work with reporters or do their own live tweeting, along with his collection of suggestions for live-tweeting.
  • One minute. Outstanding online video:  This video did a simple thing well: In one minute, it compiles views from the roof of one Manhattan building--shots of other buildings, traffic, the river, clouds. Watch, then imagine your version of this on your company or organization's blog as a way to situate your headquarters, share your view of the world, describe your neighborhood, connect with your community. In a minute. Then think about doing this from a ground's-eye view, down one hallway and other perspectives:

Rivers & Roads from Ryan&Heidi on Vimeo.

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