Thursday, December 29, 2011

The 2011 top communications & social media posts

It's almost time to ring in 2012, but before we do, I'm taking a look at the posts you read the most in 2011. From balking experts to getting more efficient with social media tools, this list is full of variety, strategy and controversy--just like usual. Here's to a successful and prosperous new year to you and your team, along with our top posts of the year:
  1. Are your experts blowing off media interviews? How to avoid a no-show takes top honors for the year. Again, I don't think it's a good sign. I have another workshop on how to Be an Expert at Working with Experts coming up Feb. 1, with a discount if you register by Jan. 10--a reflection, perhaps, of this persistent issue.
  2. Cisco to kill Flip cameras and I own 4 of them summed up the plight of many of you back in April. Flips are still available at bargain prices, but this got us all preparing for the transition.
  3. Call it the CEO secret: Posterous's new features make it even easier to blog is one of several top posts that gets at a continual goal we share: Taming the social media beast. This one might just get your CEO to blog. She can email, can't she? That's all it takes.
  4. What auto-posting can't do for you: 3 convincing reads will get you off that dashboard and into the conversation--with better results. In some specific cases, that auto-post will cost you readers and fans.
  5. Your pinata strategy: When your topic gets hijacked by a political campaign will still be useful in the 2012 campaigns, with tactics you can use to get ready, rather than side-swiped.
  6. How to blog or tweet more without working too hard summed up the dream of a lot of readers (and I'm right with you, there). These tactics keep me prolific and yet well-rested.
  7. 16 ways I use Evernote on business travel, another efficiency post, shared some secrets and tips I've been using with one of my favorite tools. I don't leave home without it.
  8. Creative ways with QR codes for locations, conferences and designers offered some great--and concrete--examples of what you can really do with the new bar code. Functional ideas here that retain creativity.
  9. Before you bake that QR code, ask me whether I use them--like @KingArthurFlour did shares a smart step you should take before launching into new tools like the QR code. KAF posted it and elicited consumer input via its Facebook page; find out why their approach was smart.
  10. PR, media relations folks: Tip more, pitch less to reach reporters suggests you recalibrate your approach to pitching for better relationships with reporters--and better results. I'm proud that both reporters and PR mavens shared this one widely.
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