Tuesday, November 29, 2011

November's top 10 communications tips & issues

This was the month to enjoy the bounty of the harvest--and our blog posts made this month a blockbuster harvest, thanks to your reading preferences. That's what created this list of the most popular posts in November:
  1. Tune up your Twitter feed, three ways, our most popular post, must mean we all have fall-feed-cleaning on the brain, right?
  2. Digital consumers of science news, a post on data I wished for in the #sciwri11 plenary, was a late-breaking October post that doubled its readership again in November.
  3. The point where Penn State got caught: Lessons for communicators was the first of what I expect will be many lessons drawn from this scandal. 
  4. Tweeting about food: Why it's smarter than you think must've uncovered a lot of folks who've been wanting to do this. Turns out, it might be strategic for business reasons.
  5. Sharing my notebook on university and higher education PR launched a new resource on the blog: I'm sharing my Evernote notebook on this topic, a collection of articles, examples good and bad, videos and more.
  6. 10 non-endorsement ways to use retweets on Twitter suggests that RTs don't just mean "I like this." You can use them strategically, too.
  7. A gift from ifttt: How I restored sharing in Google Reader shares my most recent workaround for a useful feature, now gone.
  8. 4 little gifts communicators should give themselves won't break the bank and might bring you joy. And you deserve them.
  9. Long weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter followed the Thanksgiving holiday, proving you do read on the weekends, don't you?
  10. Advice for communications advisers: A timely read shares a resource on how to be a smart and effective giver-of-counsel, something we can all get better at.
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