Thursday, October 20, 2011

Using your tagline to make your business cards stand out

I've just created some new mini-cards on, specifically for a conference I'm attending where I know few people but need to get my message across quickly and briefly. My focus at this conference will be to promote my public speaking training services, and to explain my unusual business name.

Normally, I say that I make sure you don't get caught speechless, unprepared or minus a message, a quick sentence that works as my most miniature "elevator speech." One of MOO's options for its mini-cards is to put text on the card front, and to create several versions within one batch of cards. So I opted to pull that tagline apart, with three versions that read:

  • don't get caught speechless
  • don't get caught unprepared
  • don't get caught minus a message

The reverse of these mini-cards have identical content: My name, business name, phone, website and a plug for my public speaking blog, The Eloquent Woman. Can you do the same with your cards, and let your tagline become more prominent and more of a conversation piece? Let me know whether this is an option that would work for you.

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Jim Garrow said...

And Moo cards are so silky smooth. Seriously, I never thought I would love the feel of business cards until I got my first set of Moo cards.

Highly recommended.

Corinne said...

I passed this post on to someone who was asking for feedback on her business card. After I shortened her tagline, I sent her this link and she's going to order some moo cards for herself.