Monday, October 03, 2011

September's top 10 communications tips & issues

Readers make their preferences for posts known loud and clear, through retweets and reads and shares. Who needs further amplification? Here are the most-read posts from the blog in September:
  1. Bloggers, play with ifttt, Evernote and other tools to build a content stash shared how I've tweaked my system for collecting and saving leads for blog content. It's our most-read post this month.
  2. Your pinata strategy: When your topic gets hijacked by a political campaign followed some early hijacks coming out of the political debates. Concrete prep steps for communicators here.
  3. Been waiting for ifttt? If this, then that now open to all shared one of my favorite finds. I was in on the beta test, and happy that you can now make use of this amazing automation tool.
  4. Get up to speed with government's use of social media gave you examples drawn from state, federal and international governments' use of social media--from making laws to connecting with constituents.
  5. Follow the group tablet: Website, audience, ad shifts looked at how the trend of issuing tablets to large groups--medical students and airline pilots, for example--is changing how you should shape your content for these identified tablet users.
  6. Is your content strategy a la carte, or family style? steals a menu-reform idea from chef Gordon Ramsay and applies it to your content online. This is a great way to simplify your offerings, in a way that users can appreciate.
  7. From photos to publicity: 3 tools, tips for bloggers shared a few sources I've found for fair-use photos and for building ways to get your blog noticed--including useful data to explain why you need to share your posts.
  8. Taking a cancer fundraiser post to the next level shows off one of my client's smart, personalized posts, elevating what could have been a pro forma notice and making it a compelling fundraising post.
  9. The jam-packed Weekend read from September 30 included plenty of tips, apps and a great job opening--no wonder it's in the top 10 for the month.
  10. Your video update: News, skills, scribes, chat, traps and edits shared a treasure trove of resources and insights on online video and how it's changing. Still the most popular form of social media, it's an area that isn't standing still by any means. Find out why.
Thanks again for reading this month, and for sharing posts on your social networks--I appreciate it!

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