Thursday, October 27, 2011

4 new tools for presentations and conferences: Slides, polls and scans

Whether you're reaching folks in the room or on social networks, interactive presentations are the name of the game today. For your next conference or meeting, check out these four new tools to make your presentations that much more engaging:
  • Make presentations without Flash using, so they can be viewed on any device supporting html, css and javascript. You can include video and other features and make the slides shareable or embeddable. It's in beta now, and free to all.
  • Do more with Google Presentations, a Google Docs feature that just got 50 key upgrades, from animation features to 3D transition effects between slides. It's being rolled out gradually, but there are instructions at the link for activating the new features now, if you can't wait.
  • Scan without a computer when you're at a paper-laden conference and don't want to lug the handouts home. The Doxie line of portable scanners now includes the new Doxie Go, which can scan and store without a computer, and sync later. Doxie's compatible with Evernote and many other programs. If you already own a Doxie, you should have received an upgrade coupon, but use it fast. This is already proving to be a hot seller. If you're not a current Doxie owner, orders will ship on or before November 25.
  • Take a poll of your audience, either prepared in advance or on the spot with Polltogo, an app that lets them respond from their smartphones or laptops, without special devices. I haven't tried this new service yet, so let me know if it works for you.
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