Tuesday, October 11, 2011

4 apps to help you record those Skype interviews

More and more, communicators and journalists are recording interviews on Skype--and you're not the only one wishing Skype had a built-in option for recording interviews. Journyx CEO Cut Finch does, too. He created this roundup of recording apps and how to get savvy using them on Skype. He notes:
I’m not happy with the technology I’ve been using to conduct these interviews. I use the speaker function on my office landline and have a voice recorder next to the speaker phone.  Sometimes the recording turns out fine. Other times, the person with whom I’m speaking is on a cell phone or has bad reception and the audio comes out fuzzy, making it difficult to transcribe. 
His favorites are PamelaMP3 Skype RecorderHotRecorder, and Vodburner. These Windows-compatible apps range from free to paid, with some recording only audio and some both video and audio. Vodburner lets you make a final video of the conversation. Which apps are you using to record your Skype interviews?

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