Thursday, September 29, 2011

From photos to publicity: 3 tips, tools for bloggers

Two ongoing challenges for bloggers involve finding a ready supply of free, fair-use photos for a wide range of subjects, and ways to spread the word about your blog to interested audiences. Here's are three tools and tips to help you do just that:
  • Need free, fair-use photos? Try Behold, a search engine for Creative Commons images on Flickr. Its database is more than one million photos, and it's a major time-saver, skipping all those "all rights reserved" photos. You can specify tags, whether you want to modify the photo as well as share it, and whether you plan to use it commercially.
  • Every blog needs evangelists, the folks who'll retweet, mention, link and share your stuff.  Problogger has a great guide to ways to recruit evangelists for your blog, including how to keep your communications channels open so you hear from them, how to reward them, and how to avoid asking too much of them.
  • Tired of social sharing your blog posts? Too bad--they're still the best tool around for boosting views of your blog. New data shows you'll get 160% more page views and 149% more inbound links. What's not to like about that? (Hat tip to Zan McCollochLussier for sharing this useful report.)

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