Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Been waiting for Ifttt? If this, then that now open to all

Ifttt took nine long months to beta test its service, which lets you set up "recipes" for tasks that occur under an "if this, then that" scenario. I was part of the beta test phase, and I'm delighted that you can now try the site out.  Thanks to all that testing and eager new users, iftt has a hefty 143 page list of the most popular tasks that users have come up with, from downloading tagged Facebook photos to Dropbox to "let me know if it's going to rain."  You can use iftt to carry out tasks involving your phone, the clock, your social sites, your file-sharing and note-taking software and more, and the service can help you back up your social posts by saving them in programs like Evernote. It's compatible with many of your favorite functions and services.

Iftt can be somewhat intimidating--the possibilities seem endless--so browse the recipes and spend some time thinking through your tasks and the things for which you'd like a prompt, a backup, a note-taker or some other assistance. Yes, there are plenty of sites that let you schedule things, but this site will let you customize it finely, and across a wide series of tasks. Try it out and share your reactions in the comments.

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