Monday, August 08, 2011

Pros & cons from the pros: What's your advice for journos who want to try #PR?

If you've ever had a reporter pal confide "I'm looking for a nice nonprofit to work for," now's your chance to weigh in.  I'm asking PR and communications pros--those who began in journalism, as well as those who've just worked with journos-turned-communicators--to share their advice on the pros and cons of making the jump to communications. Be sure to base your advice on today's conditions, as well as your own experience.

Last month, I asked communicators to share how they got their start in PR, and many respondents cited moving from journalism with a wide variety of motivators (fleas in the newsroom among them). So I know you're out there. What should reporters know before they seek out that nice nonprofit, worthy government agency job, or cushy corporate suite? Share your views in comments below, anonymously if you wish; on Facebook; or on Twitter addressed to @dontgetcaught.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I started in PR, moved into journalism and am now going back to PR.

I think journalists are somewhat at an advantage when moving into PR, because they already think like a journalist (thus they know the hook) and are typically good writers and communicators.

My advice to journos is the same for anyone going into PR: Honesty, integrity and accuracy are of utmost importance. Don't be a blatent opportunist, and always be available for those you reach out to.