Monday, August 01, 2011

July's top 10 communications tips and issues

July was full of hot weather and heated rhetoric, but here's a cool 10-pack of insights to end the month. You and other communications directors read these posts the most in July:
  1. Dropbox changed its language, again. Will you delete your Dropbox account? I did. Now among the most-read-posts ever on this blog, this is a testament to getting that customer service language right...the first time.
  2. Help students: Share some bad health news releases got a ton of views, but not much news. Getting all shy are you? Or just careful?
  3. Compiled: How you got your start in communications pulled all the responses to number 4 into this post, compiling answers from Twitter, Facebook and the blog. Don't miss the fleas. That was based on...
  4. How did you get started in PR or communications? was another oft-viewed post. It's useful to touch base with your original motivators once in awhile, and I hope this post did that for you.
  5. Can your op-ed land the crucial one-two punch? offered a tactic I've used again and again to be sure op-eds actually have opinions in them, and to put them where the reader wants to find them. Put this two-step test into your regular routine.
  6. What you can do in 3 years on Twitter celebrated my third anniversary on Twitter, still far and away my favorite social platform, along with blogging. Find out what I've accomplished in a scant three years.
  7. 12 things I've changed about my blogs' content since starting them takes a look at my two blogs and how I've adjusted the content over time. Make this list about your own blog, annually--you'll learn a lot.
  8. Can you say no to an expert? considers the tough work of disagreeing with someone who's supposed to be smarter than you--except perhaps about communicating. If you sign up for the Be an Expert on Working with Experts workshop by August 5, registration is discounted.
  9. 5 things I haven't changed about my blogs since starting them flips number 7 around to find the things that have stayed the same (and probably will remain that way) on my blogs. Nice to be able to count on these five things.
  10. The weekend read for July 29 pulled in a lot of readers. The mix is different every week, based on what I share on Twitter.
Thanks again for reading in July--and now.

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