Monday, July 25, 2011

5 things I haven't changed about my blogs since starting them

While I've changed several things about my blogs over time, in many ways, my content's been in a groove--and a good one. In that case, there's no reason to change what plays well. Instead, I try to build upon and enhance the aspects of the blog that work, the secret sauce that makes hit records of them both. Here are the things I've kept the same since starting this blog and The Eloquent Woman blog:
  1. A sound: Neither blog aims for be-all-end-all status.  Instead, this blog focuses on strategies and training--the things you need to avoid getting caught when you communicate--and on things communications directors need to know. The Eloquent Woman focuses on women and public speaking, preferring inspiring role models, ideas about new ways to present, and information useful to speakers. Staying focused in this way helps me decide about content quickly, and means readers know just what to expect.
  2. Fan favorites: Ask me a question in a workshop, share perspective on a feedback form, holler at me on Twitter or post a comment here or the Facebook pages and it's likely to wind up back here on the blog, inspiring a new post, or rounded up with other comments in a post that recaps the reactions. Reader questions have been an essential part of the growth of The Eloquent Woman blog, and the willingness of readers to send in questions helps keep both blogs on track.
  3. Guest artists: There are lots of people who do what I do, and when they've got great advice or leads--so great I wish I'd thought of them--I'll post about and link to their  posts or, in some cases, ask permission to repost their originals in full. Plenty of room out here for everyone, I say, and it's great to bring the perspectives of many talented coaches and consultants here for my clients to use.
  4. Crossover hits: Both blogs emanate from one business, so there are plenty of times when an idea works for both. In those cases, I'll cross-post the same item on both blogs or, more frequently, link from one to the other. In other cases, I'll cover different aspects of the same issue on each blog. For example, I'll cover the phenomenon of Twitter backchannels and the issues they pose for communicators on this blog; on The Eloquent Woman, I'll get more practical on how to use Twitter to promote your speech or how to actually manage that backchannel while you speak.
  5. Time away from the tour: As frequently as I post, weekends are post-free on both blogs, with only a few exceptions.
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