Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Take a look at the "unicorn of camcorders:" The Flip UltraLive

Read it and weep: Scott Peterson writes for Mashable about the "unicorn of camcorders," the never-released Flip UltraLive, and, since he had one of a handful that actually made it into stores, shares photos and details on the capabilities you'll never get to try. At least, this time. But take heart. Peterson concludes "The reality is that Wi-Fi will likely make its way into more pocket camcorders in the future, and the Flip UltraLive, although unreleased, represents the first of its kind."

I'm working on my list of Flip alternatives, and welcome hearing about yours, in the comments.

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Anke Tröder said...

I aways have my small, old Canon FS100 camcorder running (mpeg output, great internal mic), but have introduced the iPad 2 as a B roll for coachings and classes.

The movie files are way superior to photographs.

Best of all, you have *instant* feedback. Look, here, this is you, take a moment in a quiet corner, then we’ll talk.

Students react very differently to seeing themselves »hand held« vs. »on screen.« Much more intimate.