Thursday, June 30, 2011

June's top 10 communications tips and issues

New tools, new tricks for old dogs and reluctant experts, and issues of longstanding (embargoes) all came to the fore this month, in the form of posts you read the most. As summer gets underway for real, take a look at what's on other communications directors' minds this month:
  1. Making public communication part of scientific responsibility shares an article I wrote for the American Association for the Advancement of Science. Rather than turn down media interviews or shun public audiences, I suggest some alternatives--and make the case for making communication part and parcel of what scientists are expected to do.
  2. Button, button: Google and Twitter add buttons for your website shares the follow button for Twitter and the Google plus-one button for search results. (You can see them in action on the blog.)
  3. May's top 10 communications tips and issues includes some of our most popular posts surprise it's back this month.
  4. Spider-man syndrome: How long will an embargo hold? looks at long embargoes and why they don't work well.
  5. 5 new tools on my short list, and how they work for communicators is an update on new services I'm trying (or waiting to try). A late-breaking May post still growing in June.
  6. Creative ways with QR codes for conferences, locations and designers shares new resources that businesses and nonprofits can use to make QR codes easy and trackable, colorful, or as a sub for Foursquare.
  7. Stephen Colbert on your expert's fear of failure (and how to work around it) also shares a peek at the outline for a new workshop I'm offering--a train-the-trainer session to help communicators work better with experts. I can bring it to your workplace, or you can register as an individual for an open version of the workshop in August. Details on that are forthcoming.
  8. For your crisis kit: Social media ideas from 3 sectors brings you new approaches from business, nonprofit and education, including lookbacks that help you learn from others' experiences. Blogs, Twitter, Facebook and more are explored.
  9. The not-so-marketing book that changed my professional career offers a short, pithy read on creativity and fear...two things readers apparently have interest in, as it's still popular this month.
  10. Storytelling with support shares a new model in which the Colorado Health Foundation aims to encourage grantees to share stories--and offers incentives and training to make that happen.
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