Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Creative ways with QR codes for locations, conferences and designers

Like most new social tools, QR codes are met with lots of dubious statements like, "But you can't use them for [fill in your goal here]." In fact, these "quick response" codes--today's barcode--have plenty of applications. Here are four options for location-based businesses, conference organizers and graphic designers and publishers:
  • Want to engage customers at a location without making them check in? QR codes can be a Foursqare alternative, as this New York Times piece on "Cracking the QR Code" makes clear. That might mean codes with specials, limited-offer coupons, clues to a scavenger hunt, links to your social-media pages and more. The article includes useful resources for generating codes and one restaurant's experiences.
  • Want a platform that makes managing QR codes easier for a small business? Try SmartyTags, which will give you detailed analytics on how and when the codes are used, and offer lots of options for what you put behind the code. It also lets you use a single QR code and switch up the underlying link, rather than require a new code every time--a savings for your printing budget, by the way.
  • Want to make your conference program do more, weigh less and engage attendees? Check out these "Awesome uses of QR codes in a conference book" that serve up surveys, videos, background on keynoters, and links to all the session handouts--now, there's a tree-saver.
  • Want to use QR codes, but get branded--and more colorful? Go right ahead with these QR code design tips that will help you find room for your logo without messing up the code, and add dimension and color.
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