Monday, May 16, 2011

Promoting an expert? Watch the TED tryouts live on May 24

Even if you didn't enter a one-minute video for yourself or your expert in the TED conference's recent and first-ever open tryouts for speakers, you're dying to know who made the cut, right? Wait no more. TED has announced the 17 speakers and performers who've made it to the next round, which will be a live presentation on May 24. That round will be livestreamed, so you can actually watch the contestants and see what a TED-talk-in-progress looks like.

Another reason to watch: The TED theme for 2012 involves rethinking the art of public speaking, so you may be able to glean ideas about new speaking tactics. The call for speakers asked for things like:
  • a ‘slide-blizzard,’ a presentation containing more images than words
  • a talk accompanied by an imaginative soundtrack
  • a talk given in front of a custom-animated movie
  • clever ‘choreography’ between a speaker’s words and what we see on-screen
  • improv / audience interaction
  • intense campfire-style storytelling
  • a brilliant performance (music, spoken-word, dance … surprise us!)
  • a rant delivered at blitzkrieg pace, an intelligent comic routine, a mystery
  • a remarkable new invention
  • or… just an amazingly good classic TED talk with an ingenious ‘idea worth spreading’
If you're wishing you could still get your organization's expert on the TED agenda--or yourself as a speaker--don't forget the route that has always been open. Use TED's Suggest a Speaker Form, but be sure to read the FAQ for prospective speakers first. (Hint: Multiple nominations for the same person don't help.)

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