Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May's top 10 communications tips and issues

Views on this month's popular post stacked up high--and fast. Seems like spring's a time for exploring new ideas and revisiting best practices. Check out what other communications directors found useful this month:
  1. Are your experts blowing off media interviews? How to avoid a no-show attracted far and away the most readers this month--which probably isn't a good sign.
  2. Before you bake that QR code, ask me whether I use them--like King Arthur Flour did offers a case study that's easy to replicate. Read how this baking products company used Facebook to query users, then to get their (very creative) ideas for where QR codes would be useful.
  3. What to ask reporters is a useful 2007 post referenced in this month's top post on blowing off interviews--it's a tool I share with my trainees so they understand how to work with reporters, rather than avoid the interview. A perennial favorite on the blog, and this month.
  4. 5 ways to blog or tweet less without anyone noticing was so popular that I know my readers have their priorities straight.
  5. My elevator speech on *your* elevator speech shares three tips to refocus that briefest of all presentations--with links to more resources for making your own elevator speech work.
  6. 5 new tools on my short list and how they work for communicators gives you an update on services I'm trying, from Zapaday and FellowUp to RSS for Facebook pages, URL shortener Bre.ad, and YouTube's new Town Hall feature.
  7. Great science comms job: AAAS seeks public engagement program associate shares a new job listing with you--please share this with qualified applicants.
  8. Both sides now: How I look at the cloud after a computer crash walks you through my own migration of record-storage in the cloud, and why I'm glad I'm on that path.
  9. The not-so-marketing book that changed my professional life is really about art...and fear. It's a post I contributed to a nonprofit blog carnival looking for good marketing books. 
  10. Promoting an expert? Watch the TED tryouts live on May 24 clued you in to TED's first-ever public tryouts and their effort to recruit new ways of presenting.
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