Monday, May 09, 2011

Holiday road: Putting holidays to work in your social media content

Back when organizations created "National Fill-in-the-Blank Week" celebrations to raise their visibility, I used to spend a lot of time explaining that media coverage was not so likely and suggesting that energizing the base might be a more productive goal. Today, social media tools have made that much more possible--and there's a resurgence in mentions of those national days, weeks and months, as well as other anniversaries, on Twitter and Facebook.

If you're going to put those special holidays to work, of course, you need to think beyond your own company's or organization's holidays and anniversaries so you can take advantage of other points in the calendar that are relevant to your members, customers and supporters. And you'll need to know about what's competing with your special days.

Here's my favorite back-pocket tool for just this purpose: You'll find tens of thousands of special days, weeks, months, anniversaries and commemoration events chronicled each year in Chase's Calendar of Events, the longstanding reference on this topic. Today, you can follow Chase's on Twitter or just check what today's holidays are. Smart content planners will keep Chase's handy when forecasting the year ahead--it's a great way to fill out those empty weeks on your content plan--as well as to check from month to month as content needs or conflicts arise.
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