Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Here it comes: Flip cameras start to limit sharing options

Even though Cisco has announced it's killing off the Flip camera,its desktop and mobile software will function and get support until the end of 2013, 2.5 years from now. But this week, Flip announced it will start phasing in limits to the sharing options for Flip videos on certain platforms. Here's what to expect:
  • What's been shared can still be viewed: Anyone with whom you've shared a video can continue to watch, download or save it.
  • Short-sharing stints start this month: As of May 12, 2011, if you share Flip videos with one person, a group, on a Flip Channel or on Twitter, your viewers can only see it or download it for 30 days after it's sent. And Flip notes that "the 30-day limit will also apply to videos shared previously."
  • Some platforms are better than others: If you shared your Flip videos (or continue to share them) on Facebook or YouTube, or store them on your computer in FlipShare, they will not be impacted by this change and will not have a 30-day limit.
You can find the full support-in-transition FAQ at How will this change affect your Flip videos?

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