Wednesday, May 11, 2011 boosts online profiles with QR-coded biz cards

If you were smart enough to grab an landing page for your online profile, you can now take advantage of a natural extension of that service: business cards with a QR code that loops back to your profile.

The bonus: The cards are free, or nearly so, thanks to a partnership with, another favorite vendor of mine. Your cards will feature the customized background from your profile on one side, with the back free for your QR code and contact information--and you choose what to include. The cards cost just $5.50 with a modest reference to on them, or more minus the advertising. (It's subtle, on the lower front right in the photo above.) If you have an profile, you'll see "offers" on your dashboard with information about this offer here. profiles are especially useful for those wanting to change jobs, the unemployed, the self-employed or anyone who wants control of their online bio. You can link your blogs and social media sites here, and you even get a dashboard with statistics on views of your profile. Find out more about here--I've been using it since the beta test. I've also been using, which prints all my business cards and specialty correspondence cards (and I'm compensated by neither company). Let me know how this offer works for you.

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