Wednesday, May 18, 2011

5 ways to blog or tweet less without anyone noticing

If keeping up a blog makes you yearn to put out that "gone fishing" sign, you need a few tricks in your back pocket that will let you blog or tweet less, without losing readers or momentum.
  1. Don't be afraid to take a day off here and there:
  2. While it's true that you'll get more--and more consistent--readers with frequent and regular posts, taking a day off won't kill you or your blog.
  3. Pinpoint--and avoid--normally low-traffic days: By shifting posts to the times and days your audience is most active, you'll yield the highest benefit from sites like Facebook, Twitter and your blogs. Then leave those low-traffic slots alone.
  4. Post a short question and let the crowd discuss: This tactic should be a part of your routine listening activities, anyway. Plan and schedule posts that ask questions, then sit back and listen. If you've done it right, the responses might lead to a future blog post, and you'll be learning from your audience about what it wants.
  5. Cut your posts in half--and recycle the second part: If you tend toward the comprehensive, long-form post, you're missing the chance to do less work and still post. Cut long posts in half, create series out of them, or use the parts to provide continuing coverage. (Easiest method: Write the long post, edit it into parts, then schedule them ahead of time--being sure to update them right before posting.) It'll look like you're working twice as hard as you are.
  6. Plan and announce a non-posting day: The blog Reference Library doesn't post on Mondays. How do I know? A post appears every Monday, saying simply, "Closed Mondays." Talk about an ultra-useful way to implement auto-posts--and a good reminder to readers that, while you're away, you're not away for long. You might want to take the time to make your non-posting announcement suit your themes and topics, while you're at it.
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