Friday, April 08, 2011

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter, with favorites

When I take the measure of the week, preparing this post offers me a good look back on what caught my eye, got discussed and was put aside for more thought and reading. I hope you think that way, too.

Someone just asked whether all my shares on Twitter are "you, or auto-tweeting?" I've scheduled some don't get caught announcements ahead, using Tweetdeck or Feedburner. But mostly, I take advantage of sharing tools when I'm reading--like the "share" button in Google Reader, my RSS feed, or the New York Times's "recommend" button. What you're mostly seeing is that I read a lot, not that I tweet a lot!

Here's my selection of what I shared this week on Twitter, where I"m @dontgetcaughtt, along with items I set aside as "favorites" for future mulling. Hope there are some finds in here for you:
Speaking of hires, my wonderful clients at UMBC are looking to hire a Director of Communications. It's a wonderful team to work with, an easy commute from Washington or Baltimore, and a position with lots of opportunity. Please do apply or share it with a qualified applicant.

And a few favorites to mull at a more leisurely pace:
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