Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pogue: There was about to be a Flip Live camera

David Pogue, New York Times technology writer, shares his mourning of the Flip camera and discloses today something nearly as tragic: There was going to be a Flip Live, a real-time-to-the-web broadcasting function. That camera was scheduled to ship the day after Cisco decided to pull the plug. From his column, this view of what that would have been like, based on his conversations with a product manager at the company:
...when you’re in a Wi-Fi hot spot, the entire world can see what you’re filming. You can post a link to Twitter or Facebook, or send an e-mail link to friends. Anyone who clicks the link can see what you’re seeing, in real time—thousands of people at once.
Think how amazing that would be. The world could tune in, live, to join you in watching concerts. Shuttle launches. The plane in the Hudson. College lectures. Apple keynote speeches.
Joe Bonner shared this first in my stream, and I'm almost sorry to have read it...And ironically, the photo was taken by me with a Flip camera at a London cemetery, this time last year.

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