Thursday, April 28, 2011

April's top 10 tips for communicators

April was the cruelest month for Flip camera owners, but more hopeful for readers seeking to blog more efficiently, use QR codes, learn how to pitch reporters or snag a speaking slot at TED. Here's what caught your eye this month, based on the most-popular posts:
  1. Cisco to kill Flip cameras and I own four of them: What to do now struck a chord with the blog's many Flip fans, and was the first of a few posts this month with updates on the change.
  2. How to blog or tweet more without working too hard was a close second this month. That tells me you want the best of both worlds, right? The post shares my tactics.
  3. 7 ways to use QR codes for networking, marketing and causes, from last August, is still popular today. 
  4. Audition your expert for a TED talk included a deadline this month for submitting one-minute videos, the first step toward participating in TED's first-ever public auditions. And this blog's readers are nothing if not deadline-oriented, judging by this post's popularity.
  5. 3 communicators you should know (including my favorite freelancer) introduces you to three wonderful colleagues of mine: a top freelance writer, a client and a former employee. All worth knowing! Find out why here.
  6. Call it the CEO secret: Posterous's new features make it even easier to blog, a January post, shares one of my better tips for communicators with CEOs who wish to blog, but lack time.
  7. Must-read: The PR guide to email pitching. Please. Now. shares a smart post by Jason Falls on using email for the pitch. The idea that unsolicited emails without an opt-out option are spam really rubbed his readers the wrong way, so check out the comments. I chimed in with a couple of tips, too.
  8. Pogue: There was about to be a Flip Live camera shares New York Times tech reviewer David Pogue's view that smartphones aren't yet ready to replace the Flip, and this heartbreaker: The camera was on the even of rolling out a live-broadcast version. Read it and weep.
  9. 10 Top-Chef-inspired "quickfire challenges" for writers will help mix it up, keep it fun and challenge your writing team. Try these at your next team meeting or retreat.
  10. Your all-in-one on life after Flip cameras rounds up the advice (don't toss them), analysis and alternatives you can consider.
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