Thursday, March 31, 2011

Our top 10 communications tips for March

As March comes to a close, our famous cherry blossoms are blooming in Washington, DC--and your choices helped these 10 tips and issues to bloom on the blog this month. Here are March's most popular posts:

  1. 7 ways to use QR codes for networking, marketing, and causes, from last August, continues to hold the top spot. (Check out this month's update on using hashtags and QR codes to boost your brand signature, at number 7 on this list.)
  2. Call it the CEO secret: Posterous's new features make it even easier to blog appeared in January, but is still on your to-do and to-read list this month.
  3. Block and Twitter: E-tactics that don't work in media relations uses real-life examples of don'ts, including not making your identity and role clear, blocking and unfollowing reporters who don't write the way you want them to, and forgetting that those backchannels can always become public. Don't get caught using these tactics!
  4. Get smart, communicators: Use curation tools to help reporters, experts, partners looks at using Evernote, Storify, Dipity and Projeqt for internal uses, replacing briefing books, source packages for reporters, and more.
  5. So noted: 20 things I'm doing with Evernote now for both personal and professional productivity. The more you use it, the more you'll find your own new uses.
  6. March 25th's weekend read of my weekly share on Twitter included some big news about embargoes, writing tips for short-form social media, a style guide to "like" buttons and much more, including this gem of a tweet: "Dance like no one's going to put it on YouTube."
  7. QR codes and hashtags come into their own as brand ambassadors offers data and case studies on how these identifiers are being used to drive traffic and engagement--and readers shared even more in the comments! 
  8. A scientist's elevator speech in 45 seconds, courtesy of biologist E.O. Wilson, is the longest-standing post on our list, dating back to last April. It's that good an example.
  9. Write me a guest post was a gauntlet I threw down in December. The option's still open--and this is a good writing exercise to try. 
  10. How Twitter helped revitalize a conference lineup is a guest post from this month, by Tim Nekritz of SUNY-Oswego. Learn from his real-life experience.
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