Friday, February 25, 2011

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter

I'll bet you've tackled a lot this week. Me, too. And on Twitter, where you can find me as @dontgetcaught, I've had days with almost no tweets, and days that probably qualified for overtime. But I've culled the best with you in mind, along with some favorites.
  • In praise of open systems: Higher Ed Marketing blog looks at keeping an open mind in your online wanderings. Andrew Careaga notes: "We seem to prefer our closed systems, even in the wide-open ecosystem of the Internet. We tend to focus on our narrow areas of expertise — higher ed marketing and PR, for instance, or higher ed web, graphic design or whatever our field happens to be." He argues the other side. This reflects my own experience on social networks.
  • 9 dynamic digital resumes that stand out from the crowd offers great (and visual) ideas for your online presence. If you thought you had it down, think again--will you try one of these?
  • In one year, Android market revenue grows a remarkable 862 percent begs the question: Why do you only have an iPad or iPhone app?
  • Snowpocalypse! Blizzaster! We're buried in snow-perbole offers a timely view of our language use this winter.
  • Disaster news prep: Google Person Finder tells you how to set up this tool in the case of a disaster where finding folks is key. Communicators, put this in your crisis communications toolkit, for everything from a campus shooting to a fire, earthquake or other chaotic event. And don't wait for a disaster to do a dry run on this, so you know how to use it fast when the time comes.
  • Lanyrd at SXSW gives you a picture of what a socialized conference can look like, using this site I've described for you before -- it aims to be the social network for conferences and meetings. Explore this post to see what it might offer you and your meetings, with real results from the popular music and technology fest.
This week, short on favorites to share for you--I was moving too fast! What were yours?

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