Monday, February 28, 2011

February's top 10 social media, communications tips & issues

February was a busy month for me and for this blog: Traffic's at an all-time-high, thanks to you. This month, lots of contentious issues--from PR transparency to pitching methods--held sway, along with shifts in social media strategies. Find out what you missed and what were hits with others this month:

  1. Should PR have its own transparency? New trends and options looks at publishing your previously behind-the-scenes communications plans and policies in aid of transparency. This post first appeared in my free monthly newsletter, before it got to the blog. Sign up below to make sure you don't miss something this hot next month.
  2. PR, media relations folks: Tip more, pitch less shares advice from reporters and others on how to build relationships minus pitches, saving them for when you really need them.
  3. 7 ways to use QR codes for networking, marketing and causes appeared back in August, but still draws a strong readership each month. Catch up with the crowd on this one.
  4. Call it the CEO secret: Posterous's new features make it even easier to blog appeared late last month, with a strong following all through February. Find out how just sending an email is all you need to do to blog.
  5. Artisanal social media: Can we tell there are real people doing your postings? looks at how some communicators are undoing the auto-post and getting real in real time, and disturbing efforts in the opposite direction.
  6. National Park Service seeks tech ideas via new blog alerted you to the NPS effort to use more technology to aid people exploring the outdoors. It's a call to developers and users of the national parks.
  7. 8 ways with Evernote, for communicators appeared back in December, and is still going strong with readers. It's one of my favorite tools, and you can get started by using the "clip" button at the end of this post.
  8. Are you making the most of comments? 7 options leads you into comment territory you may not yet have explored. This late December post is still going strong, so catch up with your competitors and read it now.
  9. A scientist's elevator speech, in 45 seconds: E.O. Wilson grabbed a live-radio moment in which this senior scientist responded to a call-in request to make the case for biodiversity in 45 seconds. So he did. This post from way back in April of last year got a boost this month from its inclusion in one of The Eloquent Woman's all-time top posts, The all-in-one for eloquent scientists: Resources and role models.
  10. Top tech PR pros discuss fast-lane changes in communications shares video of a panel of some of the technology world's smartest PR execs. Listen as they tell you the way the world works--from speed and corrections to the erosion of embargoes and the rise of the exclusive preview. Another January post that's still being widely read this month.

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