Friday, January 28, 2011

Weekend read: My weekly share on Twitter, with favorites

In the week we're finishing, a friend visiting Washington said, "At first, you followed me and I thought, 'Who's this dontgetcaught person?'" That's me: I'm @dontgetcaught on Twitter. And this week, among other things, I used Twitter to arrange several meetings in New York in early February, solicit a couple of guest posts for my blogs, background reporters. As usual, I shared lots of links and tips from others. Here's the best of what I shared and favorited this week:

  • Comments get a boost for online video: Google's going to use a recent acquisition to build integrated comments for its YouTube videos, aggregating comments from sites like Facebook and Twitter, where those vids are frequently shared. How frequently? Facebookers watch the equivalent of 150 years of YouTube videos every day.
  • Find of the week: Tweetdeck's  Joe Bonner gets the hat tip for this find, but I'm already a power user of's new Chrome-based dashboard, on which you can monitor and post to all sorts of social sites. Just go to for details. I'm using it to monitor and post to my Twitter account as well as two Facebook pages, my personal Facebook profile, and Google Buzz, so far. A power time-saver, and it's free.
  • When should you outsource your social media? Emily Culbertson shared this and I passed it along like a hot potato. A thoughtful read, worth considering.
  • Make the most of live public speaking: New Zealand speaking coach Olivia Mitchell's got a great blog post about using the "magic of live" when you speak--with all our online interacting, your speech or presentation gets a boost because of its in-person qualities.
And the favorites o' the week:
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