Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Have you rewritten your online profiles for mobile networking?

This QR code, short for "quick response," can be scanned into your mobile device and takes you to my LinkedIn Profile. I created it using a new beta service called PingTags -- and as soon as I tested it, I rewrote my LinkedIn profile so it would better display on a mobile device, making it shorter and more to the point in the summary that's shown via this code.  And that's prompted me to start rewriting all my profiles based on the tighter, shorter views you see on mobile devices. Time for you to try that, too.

QR codes are one of the dense-packed networking tools you can consider at The Networked Communicator Lunch-and-Learn on February 18. You'll learn about using your social-media and online profiles to best advantage--and network with other communications pros. Spaces are limited, so register at the link today!

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