Tuesday, January 04, 2011

For Thursday: For Communications Directors newsletter, on curating your best work

My free monthly newsletter, For Communications Directors, will be out on Thursday, continuing the "networked communicator" series with articles on how to curate your best work so you can feature it in your online profiles.  It's important not just when you're job-seeking and want to stand out from the pack, but also in building and cultivating useful networks and combating the buzzword syndrome so many profiles and resumes embrace.

The newsletter also will have details on upcoming "networked communicator" lunch-and-learn sessions in Washington, DC.  These short workshops will let you dine and delve into career-building options that use social media tools to help you get ahead.  I'll have a discounted registration fee for newsletter subscribers, so now is a good time to sign up (and share this with your friends, too).  Use the links below to subscribe by COB Wednesday in order to get this month's issue.

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Use the Evernote clip button, above, to save this post in an Evernote notebook. Subscribe to For Communications Directors, my free monthly newsletter, which features content before it appears here on the blog.  Then head over to don't get caught on Facebook, where you'll see new social media trends, technology and communications issues as they crop up during the week--and great conversations with our community of communicators. And if you're looking for help with public speaking and presenting, check out our next Good On Your Feet! workshop, March 2 and 3 in Washington, DC. Subscribers to the newsletter get a 25 percent discount.

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