Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Weekly writing coach: Your most-used words, and which way they lean

Which words do you use the most in any given piece of your writing?  Now there's a tool to help you find out. WordCounter will rank the most-used words in any text, omit (if you wish) any "small words" like it or that, search only for roots of words, and more. You choose how many words you want to see ranked, and you'll get a descending order display that lets you know how many times you used, say, "new" or "major."  (Yes, I can see over your shoulder from here.)

It's demonstrated in this post by 10,000 Words, which notes another useful feature of WordCounter: its political vocabulary analyzer.  I'm tempted to enter all the most vague, yet beloved-by-both-parties, terms like "liberty," "freedom" and "heartland" to see what happens.  This is useful whether you want your words to lean in one direction, or walk straight up the middle of that vocabulary road.

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