Sunday, December 19, 2010

Weekly writing coach: Write me a guest post

UPDATE: I'm not soliciting guest posts, and this post is from an exercise I asked readers to do in 2010. Please, no submissions!

Oh, the guest posts I've solicited. Really, they could shut down my blogs, they're that good. They have smart insights, unique perspectives, jewel-like writing. They're just the right length. Better, they offer a perspective I can't muster, no matter how I try. They expand the views I can offer to my readers and clients.

Or they would, if I had them.

Mind you, guest posters who have come through tell me I make the process easier than anyone else. Edits are minimal or non-existent, my editor's notes brag about you without getting all goofy, and I'll even illustrate them and let you know how they were received. I don't set deadlines or word counts, and so far, haven't had to do so.

So here's this week's challenge: Write me a guest post by January 31, 2011--a little over a month from now.  Read enough of this blog (or The Eloquent Woman, my blog on women and public speaking, or Vegetables for Breakfast, my blog about local vegetables, cooking and participating in a community-supported agriculture subscription from a farmer).  You can fit it into one of my many series (like, say, weekly writing coach) or not. It needn't be long, perfect, or earth-shattering.  Send it to me at info[at]dontgetcaught[dot]biz.  I'll publish those that fit, and heap praises upon you....and share my audience.

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