Monday, December 06, 2010

Travel light, file less with this portable scanner

Shame on me. I did an entire post on packable communications tools, and left out one workhorse tool I never travel without--and am glad to have at my side in the office as well. The Doxie portable scanner is lightweight (just 10.9 ounces), comes with its own case for transport, is USB-powered, and is compatible with Evernote, Tumblr, Google Docs, Flickr and other applications.

For me, the link to Evernote is essential, but its compatibility means that once you scan, you can send the document directly to that local or web-based app. Doxie makes it into a PDF automatically (and since Evernote makes PDFs searchable, it's a happy marriage). But if you want to scan things for quick posting to Tumblr or Flickr, it's equally helpful.

I was reminded of all this when one of my neighbors kept coming over to scan documents. Then my printer/scanner  went on the fritz. Doxie was a great stand-in--too much so. My neighbor borrowed it (portable, see) and coveted it. I'm happy to say he's already ordered his own, and returned mine. A near miss, there.

Doxie's essential when I travel. I set it up on the hotel desk, plug it into my laptop, and scan every receipt, handout or brochure into Evernote files already set up for that purpose. Someone slips a menu under my hotel room door in New York City for a sushi restaurant that delivers to the room? It goes into Doxie, so I can travel with it next time. I never lug papers and receipts home.

Really, I wasn't omitting it to keep it all to myself...I'd like to think  Try it and see for yourself. (Affiliate link)

Buy a Doxie portable scanner in the don't get caught store.

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