Monday, December 13, 2010

Is a small staff an advantage when it comes to social media?

“Our members know who all of us are and what all of us do.”

That's a social-media advantage cited by one association executive with a seven-person staff, who commented on this post on Small staff associations: Ahead of the social-media curve?  Organizational culture, individual behavior and a simpler internal process are among the social-media strengths cited as pluses in the post. 

But you don't need to work at a nonprofit society or association to appreciate these qualities--you might be at a small business, a law office, a tiny communications unit at a university, a one-person marketing team.  All you need is a small staff.  (You might want to subscribe to the Splash blog, with its focus on small-staff organizations, for more inspiration.)

And let's not forget the reason so many small organizations turn to social media:  To expand their reach and do more with less budget. Here's an example: how the Knight Foundation is using Skype to make simple, inexpensive videos to use in announcements, speeches and more.

You'll find more ideas for small staff organizations using social media in the new book Open Community.
What's your example of something social you've found to be easier/better/more effective with a small staff? Share it with us in the comments. (A hat tip to social and web strategist Emily Culbertson for pointing me to these resources.)

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