Thursday, December 30, 2010

December's top 10 social media and communications tips

Your holiday gifts are open by now, I hope. This monthly post tells you where to look among the crinkled wrapping paper and empty boxes to find the most popular gifts from the blog: December's top posts.  Here they are:

  1. 9 ways with Evernote, for communicators--just published this week--zoomed to the top of this month's list. From media clips to travel receipts and visual networking, this is one of my workhorse tools.
  2. On social networks: What to share when you don't know what to share gives newbies with no content ideas 7 things they can start sharing right away--and I've tucked in a couple of new trends for your savvy socialites to consider, too. This month's most re-tweeted post.
  3. 7 savvy ways to incorporate bloggers in your media relations is based on lessons (or anti-lessons) learned during the recent announcement of what's known on Twitter as #arseniclife. But the topic's less important than the approach. Here's how to balance working with reporters and bloggers (groups that overlap) when managing announcements and access--and lose that "oh, no, here come the bloggers" attitude.
  4. 11 communications blogs I'm reading drew a lot of attention. This time, I focused on some blogs that  may be under your radar--but they're perfect to add to your feeds this year to freshen up the viewpoints you're receiving. Excellent reads, all.
  5. Are you making the most of comments? gave you 7 options for making better use of them--not just in responding, but in repurposing them as content. Waste not, want not, when it comes to content, and comments are the key.
  6. Director's perspective: Clouds for communicators gave us guest poster Joe Bonner's take on using Dropbox (and similar in-the-cloud services) with some real-life examples of why they work for a communications director.  If you haven't gotten onto this cloud, check out the post.
  7. State court proposes big change in blogger credentials offers a new case study to add to my burgeoning collection of press credential processes that include bloggers (or not).  In this case, look at the process used to put the proposal together, which included traditional journalists, bloggers, court officials and a public comment process in which even you can participate.
  8. The networked communicator: Skills you need now offered a handful of useful perspectives and resources to make sure you've got the right skills to list on all those online profiles you use to network your way into new opportunities.
  9. Should I make the leap? ask would-be indie communicators -- and this post attempted to answer the questions I most frequently get from this group. If you're thinking through your options, it's a great place to start.
  10. Small plates: Packable tools for communicators is a late November post that came into its own with readers this month. It's my stash of gadgets that travel with me and make me more efficient and effective. And this post tells you about the workhorse tool I managed to leave off this list.
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Happy new year! And if you'd like to see more or less of any topic on the blog in 2011, leave a comment here.

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