Tuesday, December 21, 2010

11 communications blogs I'm reading

I love me a blog. Actually, dozens of them. But there's nothing quite like finding a new one and deciding that you must subscribe to it. Good blogs are inviting, getting you to come in from the cold and chat up the bartender. Good blogs about your work make work feel like happy hour.  I don't maintain a blogroll, so let me share some of the communications, social media and writing blogs I've discovered that may have escaped your notice, although those who follow me may have already found these in my shares. I'd be glad to buy the next round for these bloggers:
  • Brains On Fire is a phrase I use to describe my most creative moments. It's also a company that creates engagement "movements" and brand identities, and the blog's crisp, savvy, and not at all afraid to have fun. My kinda people, too numerous to mention here.
  • Brass Tack Thinking always gets at thorny communications issues from an intriguing angle. Amber Naslund of Radian 6 and Tamsen McMahon of  Sametz Blackstone Associates are the co-authors.
  • Louis Gray says his blog is for "early adopters, technology geeks, RSS addicts and Mac freaks."  He's the managing director of new media at Paladin Advisors Group, and for me, a must-read. Always thoughtful and innovative, focused on the next thing. 
  • Higher Ed Marketing by Andrew Careaga, communications director of the Missouri University for Science and Technology (best.acronym.ever).  Another one who hits 'em out of the park on a regular basis. Watch, also, for his music recommendations.
  • LizUnMuzzled is Liz Wainger's strategic communications blog. Her specialty is nonprofit communications, but her observations cut across sectors to find good ideas and cautionary tales.
  • The Enlightened PIO by David Harris is a recent blog that's already got great perspectives. The title comes from his mentor's highest compliment for a good communicator, and something we're all aspiring to be, right?
  • The Plainspoken Scientist, from the American Geophysical Union's Maria-Jose Vinas takes a different approach, speaking to scientists about how they can be clear in communicating with public audiences in a wide variety of ways: talks, slides, blogging and more. Great examples here--some contributed by scientists--for any experts or technical types.
  • In Case of Emergency, Read Blog is the blog of John Solomon, a smart communicator focused on emergency preparedness topics (and a guest poster on this blog). John died in November due to complications from a bone marrow transplant to treat his leukemia. The blog's still up at this writing, loaded with useful information and a thorough-going approach to the topic. He is missed.
  • Embargo Watch blog, by Reuters Health executive editor Ivan Oransky is one of my new favorites this year--probably because I no longer manage embargoes. If you deploy news under embargo, you'll learn a lot by reading this "what not to do" blog that also is happy to share good models.
  • King Kaufman blogs on the future of journalism with the smarts of a sports writer. What's not to like about that? He takes the time to examine issues closely...a bit like watching fastballs, then taking apart the movement for you.  Crisp, smart writing.
  • Librarian by Day is Bobbi Newman's blog, and she's wide-ranging: public speaking, social media, gadgets, reading, and more. She just took a new book on the science of shopping and turned it around to look at the "retail" aspects of libraries (something you could do if your business involves people coming into your building to get information products, too).
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David said...

Hi Denise,

Thanks for mentioning that you like my blog, The Enlightened PIO. It's just a start and will evolve rapidly, I think!

I think that you have really great advice here and as evidence it works, I found you here via social media after you used precisely the tools you espouse.

Let's have a drink at the next conference!

Best wishes,