Monday, November 08, 2010

Where's the *finally* button? Facebook will let you merge community pages with your brand page

When Facebook introduced community pages--pages about your brand, but crowdsourced with others' posts, Wikipedia entries and other information outside your control--many organizations and companies panicked. Some created Facebook brand pages in response, hoping to counter any unofficial news with the real deal. Others used them as a quick aggregator of mentions of your brand, or tagged community pages to connect those readers to their official pages. Now All Facebook is reporting that Facebook will let brands claim those community pages and merge them with official Facebook pages. AF notes:
All you need to do is visit a community Page that has used your brand name and click on the link at the bottom which states “Is This Your Page?” After clicking, you will be brought through a verification process to confirm that you are truly the owner of the Page.
You'll be able to do that for up to five community pages mentioning your brand.  Read the post for a few more details, and report back if you've been able to do this with success.

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