Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Weekly writing coach: Give thanks to your writer edition

Writers: Drop this on the desk (or email inbox) of your supervisor, and walk away. 

Managers of writers:  Read these links and send them back to your writers with a nice note about what you appreciate about them.  Urge the writers to refer back to these posts as a reminder that you know what they're going through on your behalf.  If you're in the U.S., it's Thanksgiving week. Surely you don't need another reason?

Writers. Yes, you, again.  If you don't hear back from the manager to whom you forwarded these links, start reading. Consider it your reminder that I know what you're going through. (Insert clinking frosty mugs of something here.)
  1. The Fearless Journalist's 20 things I know about writing, life and how to survive offers gentle but real encouragement and advice, such as "You have to be good at a little bit of everything. It sucks, but it’s life. Deal with it."  A nice read.
  2. GOOD's most recent quarterly was focused on work, and this post on How to carve out time to think is a must for any writer.  (Managers: That's why she keeps staring out the window, you know.)
  3. Georgy Cohen found inspiration for brevity on a coffee cup.  How much can you say in 25 words? is more than a nice excuse to get a latte.
  4. The Measurement Standard understands. So you think you're the only person who struggles with writing? will let you know you're not alone, even as it prods you forward.
  5. Chris Brogan suggests how to use a writing frame--more than an outline. Try this new process on for size.
  6. Quips & Tips for Successful Writers, a blog you should follow, tells you how to edit another writer's writing. Gently, now.  Managers, do read this one.
  7. Quips also offers something for freelancers, the top 10 qualities of working freelance writers. If everyone did number 3 ("diligent, gracious and hard-working") we'd be halfway there.
  8. Web Ink Now tackles efficiency and cranking stuff out, for those days when you must. That would be, oh, like today.
Everyone feel better? I hope so. You're doing great stuff, or would be, if you weren't reading this--for which I am truly grateful, as I am for the articles many of you pointed me to. Be careful out there. 

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Kathy Condon said...

Thanks for the reminder--these are the folks that make us look good. Fortunately we know enough to have them on our team--you are right, time to acknowledge them.